New York City: Subway Safety

As New Yorkers, we probably ride the subway almost every day. Whether it’s to and from work or just going on leisurely shopping trips around the city. But since we are always in such a rush no matter where we may be headed, we rarely pay attention to our safety underground. When taking the subway to your destination, remember to keep these safety tips in the back of your mind:

  • Watch the Gap: When boarding or exiting the train, watch for the gap between the platform and the car. All subway stations are different and the gap can vary dramatically and can be as wide as 10 inches! Never expect to step right onto the platform, look down first.
  • Be Careful of the Third Rail: Never jump onto the tracks for whatever reason. The third rail carries electrical currents needed to run the train so they are extremely powerful. Many people have died after touching the third rail.
  • Watch for Closing Doors: When the train is about to leave the station, there is a noise to indicate that the doors are closing. Stay away from the doors when you hear this and don’t lean against the doors, especially if the train hasn’t left the station yet – the doors could open again at any moment.
  • Be Aware of Pickpocketers: Crime on the subway is not uncommon. Keep all of your valuables out of sight. Keep your wallet in your front pocket.
  • Ride with Caution at Night: When traveling after midnight or 1am, the time between train arrivals gets longer and the platforms get lonelier. Always stand near others and away from the edge of the platform. Look for late night waiting areas. These areas are usually monitored by a recording camera. Never board an empty car or the last car. Never sleep on the train even though it is late and always be aware of your surroundings.

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