Immigration: Bill to Expand U.S. Database to Verify Hires

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A bill is likely to be passed requiring all employers in the U.S. to implement a federal electronic system within the next five years that will verify if a hire in legally eligible to work in the United States.

The system, known as E-Verify, is already in place in more than 411,000 business. The bill is likely to pass and will expand the system to all employers nationwide. There has been some controversy regarding the expansion of E-Verify in that some business owners believe that the requirement to check all new employees with this system would bring a host of costly and time-consuming troubles. Time that could have been spent finding new customers and perfecting the task of running a business would be taken away by the implementation of this system.

The expansion of E-Verify would also include additional tools such as increasing the use of photograph technology to eliminate a flaw that is already in the system. The system now may fail to detect unauthorized immigrants who present employers with valid documents that belong to someone else. The expansion of the system will add a new tool that will require a photo to be taken of the employee.

Also proposed was adding a border security plan. The plan, which won votes 69 to 29, would cost about $40 billion with the addition of 20,000 new border patrol agents and erecting 700 miles of fencing at the southern border, among other measures.

The system is reported to have an accuracy rate of 99.7% In 2012, 20.2 millions workers were run through the system and only .26% turned out to be illegally authorized. The system identified 221,155 new hires whom of which did not have legal documents to work in this country. But under the new proposal, the system would grow to include all of the nation’s 7.3 million employers and more than 156 million workers.

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