Speeding Kills More in Brooklyn Than Any Other Borough

speeding car

Did you know, speeding vehicles kill more people in Brooklyn than in any other borough? According to a study by Transportation Alternatives, Kings County (Brooklyn) traffic killed 79 people and injured more than 23,000 in 2011.

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Queens came in 2nd for the most fatalities with 67. The Bronx, 65, and Manhattan, 45. Staten Island was found to be the safest of the 5 boroughs with 12 fatalities in 2011.

88% of Brooklyn drivers break the 30-mph speed limit. 30% of them drive at 10 mph or more over the speed limit. 2,028 speeding tickets were issued in Brooklyn in 2011. Traffic-related injuries in Brooklyn account for 13% of the total number of injuries in New York State.

Transportation Alternatives counted 2,232 drivers breaking the speeding limit in a 12-hour period in just four Brooklyn neighborhoods. The study found that the most dangerous intersections in Brooklyn were in Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Canarsie, Bay Ridge and Midwood. 94% of drivers exceeded the speed limit on any given day at the Flatlands Avenue and East 107th Street intersection in Canarsie.

Senator Daniel Squadron is pushing to bring speeding cameras back to Greenpoint and believes this will create a solution to the speeding problem. “Speed cameras are proven to save lives.”

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