Dangers of Distracted Walking

dangers distracted walkingA new study reports that an increasing number of people who talk on the phone or text while they are walking end up in the emergency room. The findings showed that pedestrians, similar to drivers, experience reduced situation awareness, distracted attention and unsafe behavior when talking or texting on their mobile phones.

Data collected from National Electronic Injury Surveillance System allowed researchers to estimate the number of pedestrians nationwide who were seriously injured while using cell phones to be treated in an emergency room from 2004 to 2010.

Researchers found that the number of injuries increased dramatically during those 6 years from 559 in 2004 to 1,506 in 2010. The injuries ranged from minor to serious – abrasions, sprains, concussions, seizures and fractures. Over the course of the study, two-thirds of those injured were 25 and younger.

Not only can talking on a cell phone and/or texting-while-driving be dangerous, but so can walking while performing these distracted tasks! Pedestrians are vulnerable to these injuries if they are distracted walking. Keep yourself safe, don’t talk and walk!

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