Outrage as New York Rips Out Citibike Stations Near Luxury Manhattan Condos

At least 10 docking stations have been moved or removed since the bike share scheme launched on Memorial Day, including outside the West Soho co-op of Mad Men star John Slattery. Some have been removed due to legal threats and others after petitions from residents but almost all have been in areas with luxury condos.

Attorney Jim Walden is attempting to have the city remove a station on Soho’s Petrosino Square and has filed an injunction with 600 signatures and 132 letters to the Department of Transportation. Meanwhile, racks at Liberty Street and Broadway have displaced five food carts that used to park there but activists could not persuade officials to relocate that 40-bike station.

The city has stubbornly refused to remove a station outside Frank’s Bike Ship on the Lower East Side despite the 1,000 people signing a petition claiming the rack’s placement would kill off business for the independent store.

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