Hit-Run Chaos in Brooklyn Hurts Four

On May 24th, at the intersection of Utica & Church avenues in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, a female TLC officer parked a blue Chrysler sideways before a red minivan hit the sedan. The sedan then plowed onto the sidewalk, hitting a TLC captain and three pedestrians. Cops said the four injured were taken to Kings County Hospital and were expected to survive.

The van driver abandoned his vehicle and ran off. Police said he hasn’t been apprehended yet. Witness accounts differed dramatically from authorities, and said the TLC captain had been pursuing the red construction van, then tried to cut him off before her vehicle was hit.

The accident created chaos at the scene. Hundreds gathered on the sidewalk and some smashed the windows of a TLC vehicle. No one was arrested.

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Read the full article here: NY Post: Hit-Run Chaos in Brooklyn Hurts 4

Image provided by: www.nypost.com