NY Considers Traffic Cameras on School Buses

school busThe New York State legislature is considering a bill that would allow school districts and bus contractors to install cameras on buses that would start recording once the stop arm of a bus is extended. The purpose of the bill would be to capture images of the vehicle and license plate of cars that do not stop when the bus is stopped to pick-up or let-off children. The registered owner of the vehicle would then be issued with a summons.

A study done in the Syracuse area showed that illegal passes happened more than once a day for the single bus involved in the project. The bill would establish a minimum fine of between $250 and $400 with no points for a first violation when the violation is based on the camera-based evidence, with increasing penalties. Multiple violations could result in the driver having their license suspended.

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Read the full article here: http://www.myfoxny.com/story/22181139/new-york-personal-injury-lawyer/-considers-traffic-cameras-on-school-buses