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  • Winter Driving Safety Tips for Treacherous Weather Conditions

    avoiding car crash winter weather

    Winter Driving Safety Tips for New Yorkers and New Jersey Residents

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  • Car Accidents and Heart Related Injuries

    heart injury

    Drive Safe, Your Heart Is Depending on it

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  • What Happens When Companies Put Profit over People?

    workplace injury

    The phrase “putting profit over people” refers to any situation where an employer disregards safety protocols in order to save money or make a profit. This type of flawed decision-making occurs day in and day out. Common examples include:

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  • Preventing Injury When Using Ride-Hailing Services

    uber accident nyc

    We all remember when Uber and Lyft shook up the transportation industry, making it easier than ever to hail a ride in New York City. As new apps like Gett, Juno, and VIA emerge, it’s a good idea to take some time to learn about how to prevent serious injuries when using ride-hailing apps.

    Important Safety Considerations:

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  • JM Verdict Included in Top 100 List

    bronx heroes

    A JM verdict has been recognized as a ‘2017 Top Verdict’ in the state of New York. We are extremely proud of the hard work of our attorneys and legal team, but mostly we are happy to have helped our client through a very difficult time in her life.

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  • Can Car Companies Put an End to Distracted Driving?

    car accident technology

    According to a recent article by the New York Times, 2 seconds could cost you your life. The article examines the risks of driving distracted and the tragic outcome too many have faced due to distracted drivers.

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  • Addressing the Pedestrian Crash Crisis

    Pedestrian injuries

    According to, there has been a 50% increase in pedestrian crashes since 2009. After two decades without a serious examination of pedestrian deaths by the National Transportation Safety Board, the organization recently completed an investigation and published initial recommendations:

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  • Staying Safe in Crashes with Little Visible Property Damage

    car crash

    It is not uncommon for an individual involved in a car crash to initially misjudge the severity of the situation.  Your first priority, should you be involved in a crash, is to avoid additional damage to your person or to your property.  

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  • Summer is Drawing to an End, Driving Tips for Last Minute Road Trips

    road tips

    If you’re planning an end of summer or early fall road trip take a moment to learn more about one of the most dangerous types of crashes and how you can avoid being involved in one.

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  • Holding Property Owners Accountable

    property owner’s  liability

    All too often property owners take the easy way out, putting innocent people at risk for serious injury and even death. Some property owners attempt to maximize profit and intentionally skimp on repairs and maintenance. Other times, those responsible for managing properties neglect to put systems into place (or fail to enforce existing systems), causing hazardous situations for tenants.

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