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Traffic Tickets

Simply paying a traffic summons does not end the driver’s alleged infraction, since the DMV puts points on his or her license. Just two or three summonses on record can total up to enough points for the driver to lose his or her license. This is why it is important to defend yourself against a traffic summons even if it is only your first violation. Insurance law permits companies to impose steep increases upon people who are convicted of traffic violations. In some cases, an insurance company could increase your premiums up to an additional 50% depending on your driving record.

 Just because you were issued a ticket does not mean that you are guilty. You are entitled to plead not guilty and argue your case in court. Being represented by an attorney can increase your chances of winning your case, especially one who is familiar with the court rules can help to present your case in a more logical and convincing fashion. Please contact our traffic ticket attorneys today.