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Hope in Sight for Brooklyn Bridge Cyclists Traveling to Park Row

city cyclist

Cyclists exiting the Brooklyn Bridge into lower Manhattan are forced to navigate a nearly impossible route, cluttered with parked cars, pedestrians, and motorists. Entering the Brooklyn Bridge is also a challenge, as cyclists are expected to approach through hectic Church Street. The DOT has finally recognized that the current layout is putting cyclists at risk, and it looks like there is change in sight:

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Have You Had Open Heart Surgery? You May Be at Risk.

Millions of Americans have undergone open heart surgeries and other types of chest surgeries. These procedures often place extreme stress on the patient and on their families, and because of a defective device used in many of these surgeries, patients are suffering even post surgery.

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Take Action, Tell Congress to Protect Your Rights

Fatal hit and run

The House of Representatives has passed a series of bills that may make it nearly impossible for individuals to hold large organizations and corporations accountable for wrong doings.

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Have You Been Diagnosed With a Medical Issue as a Result of Living or Working in NYC During 9/11 Attacks?

Car crash claims

If you lived or worked in the World Trade Center area immediately after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, you should be aware of valuable monetary and medical benefits that you may be entitled to receive.

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