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Client Testimonials

I was rear ended in an accident and needed an attorney to represent me. I called Jacoby and Meyers and they did an amazing job. I was compensated appropriately and I now feel so much better. Best attorneys around!
-Ana D., April 2017

After my wife had a car crash in Brooklyn we thought she would be fine because she didn’t have any broken bones. When things kept getting worse we knew we had to get a great accident lawyer to help hold the other drivers accountable for what she was going through. We always heard great things about Jacoby & Meyers so we called and it was the best call we could have made. Everyone was so nice and answered all of our questions every step of the way. My case manager was Lynn and she was always so kind to my wife. The insurance companies fought us every step of the way and never would accept responsibility for causing the car accident. So we had a trial and Mike Feldman was fantastic. After the Brooklyn jury held the other drivers responsible, the insurance company low balled us with a low offer. Mike encouraged us to proceed and we had all the confidence in him that he would do his best. Eventually the jury issued a substantial verdict because Mike was such a strong advocate for us. Definitely call the accident law firm of Jacoby & Meyers if you have a NYC accident and need great lawyers to help you. 

-Dwayne E., February 2017

I was in a car crash in the Bronx when someone rear ended the car I was in. At first I didn’t think I was hurt too badly but the pain in my neck and back got worse and worse. I saw the Jacoby & Meyers law firm ad where David slew Goliath and they asked “Who will stand up for you?”. I knew that was the firm I needed to stand up for me and they did a great job doing that. Everyone was super nice and answered all my questions. The trial lawyer treated me like family, she even came over for dinner and I knew she was fighting hard for me. When the insurance company didn’t offer a fair amount I knew she would fight at the arbitration and I was right. Definitely hire Jacoby & Meyers if you are in a car accident.

-Ray, February 2017

Attorney Michael Feldman and the team at Jacoby and Meyers worked tirelessly to help me after I was seriously injured in a car accident. They were there for me every step of the way and never stopped fighting for me. Jacoby and Meyers is who you want on your side. Anyone else is a waste of time.

- Rachel D., January 2017

I am so glad I contacted Jacoby & Meyers after I was struck by a car in Manhattan. I was hit by a cab while trying to cross the street and was seriously injured. My legal team at Jacoby & Meyers worked hard to get me a fair settlement, to them I just want to send my heartfelt thanks for all of their support and hard work. Their knowledge and guidance was very helpful. We greatly appreciate all the time and direction that was dedicated to my case. Thank you!

-Hawa B., October 2016

I had an excellent experience! Highly recommend! I called the injury lawyers at Jacoby & Meyers in NYC after the apartment building in New Rochelle I was walking by didn’t clean up the snow and ice on their sidewalk and it caused me to fall. I knew I needed to hold the property owner accountable and the attorneys at Jacoby & Meyers definitely did that. Sharon Scanlan fought for me until she got a fair settlement before a trial at the courthouse in White Plains in Westchester. Everybody I dealt with at the law firm was helpful and nice. I know I didn’t have the easiest case, but they got me a great settlement.

-Angel B., August 2016

I was crossing a street in Brooklyn, with the light and in the cross walk, when a car crashed into me. I live on Long Island and wanted an injury firm that was familiar with NYC cases but could help me out in Suffolk county. I picked Jacoby & Meyers and they were great. I worked in a rehab center and know it is important to pick the best service provider and I think Jacoby & Meyers is the best injury firm out there. Everyone was so nice and helpful and was always there for me. I was hurt much worse than I originally thought and eventually needed several surgeries. Fortunately the lawyers at Jacoby & Meyers were able to settle my case for all the available insurance and I did not need a trial. They explained every step along the way and put me in a position to make an informed decision about my case. I definitely would recommend using them if you have a serious car crash.

-Carolyn B., August 2016

I was in a car accident in Westchester, in Briarcliff. I loved my lawyer, David Gross. He did a good job. He was on top of everything, he really did his part. Not too many people get into a car accident and are able to successfully claim compensation within just a year. I would recommend the firm to anyone in a car accident.

-Ikiyana Z., August 2016

I was a passenger in a taxi cab that lost control and was hit by another taxi in Williamsburg, NYC.  Since I was a passenger in the car accident I thought I had an open and shut case but I was wrong.  The insurance companies refused to treat me fairly and low balled the offer.  I am so glad I called Jacoby & Meyers right away because they helped me out with everything.   They had to start a lawsuit in Brooklyn.  The insurance companies refused to settle so we had a trial and my trial lawyer Sharon Scanlan was great.  The dedication that she put into my case was outstanding.  I was so prepared and she really helped me tell my story the best way possible.  My case manager Judy Gentile was great as well.  She kept me up to date on what was happening with my case, it made things so convenient for me.  Eventually, after about a week of trial the insurance company almost tripled their offer and we settled for a fair amount.  I was very satisfied with the outcome.

 I definitely recommend the injury lawyers at Jacoby & Meyers for anyone in a car crash in New York City."

- Christopher C., August 2016 

I had a fall a few winters back. I slipped on a icy patch of a sidewalk and broke my right wrist. I did not wait around for an ambulance as my friend later told me I should have done. I did not have pictures of the icy patch as another friend told I had to have in order for my lawyers to prove my case. The lawyers at Jacoby & Meyers argued my case brilliantly and got me a six figure award in judgement against the owners of the property adjoining the sidewalk on which I fell.

- Ray O., June 2016

Jacoby & Meyers helped me with so much more then legal consulting, Trial lawyer Sharon A. Scanlan, Esq. and Paralegal Samantha Howland, I will never forget you two. Sharon A. Scanlan is a professional, you can put your case in her hands and she'll make you feel like your in good hands. Sharon if no ones told you your a blessing I would be surprised, your the hardest working person I know, you really changed my life. I'm so glad I listened to you when you told me "I got this" ...

Samantha Hollow if I had the chance to pick my little sister, she would be as smart and knowledgeable as you are; ok it would be you, its the little things and advise you gave me that kept me going for this whole trial, six years. I know I talk too much but you always gave me an ear. Your guys are apart of my life. I have never experienced anyone helping me in the ways Sharon A. Scanlan and Samantha Hollow. This Planet need more people like you guys I'm glad to have met you guys.

-StacyAnn H. and DiJon O., June 2016

Thanks Sam I really appreciate you in my life you are a good person I love when someone like yourself give all to help a fella humanoid. You really helped me and my family so much. Thank you Samatha Howland.

-DiJon O., June 2016

When the ladder I was working on during a construction job in NYC fell, I broke a lot of bones and was badly hurt. I was rushed to a hospital and needed surgery. Eventually I recovered, after a lot of physical therapy and medical treatments. Since I was working for a subcontractor on the job, I wasn't sure if I had a case. I walked into the Edison office of Jacoby & Meyers and everyone was great. They took their time to explain the law and told me since my fall from the ladder happened in NY, I had a good case. In addition to handling my construction accident, they also sent me to a great firm to help out with my Workers' Compensation- Fine, Olin & Anderman. Jacoby & Meyers really did a great job and helped me settle my case without having to have a trial. Anyone who falls at a construction site better call Jacoby & Meyers in NY or NJ, otherwise you might be making a big mistake.

-Ava, May 2016

After I was in a car accident in the Bronx I knew I needed a great personal injury lawyer so I called Jacoby & Meyers.  Everyone was great and I would definitely use them again for any injury case.

- Felicien A., May 2016

My family lived in a Manhattan apartment when a ceiling tile fell and injured my head. A local Bronx lawyer referred my case to Jacoby and Meyers and I am glad they did. The accident lawyers at Jacoby & Meyers worked very hard and although it took some time, as many cases do, they eventually worked out a great settlement. I definitely recommend them if you’ve been hurt.

-Milliely N., April 2016

Jacoby & Meyers handled my car accident really well. I was a passenger in a car that was in a wreck at LaGuardia Airport in Queens. A yellow taxi cut us off and we crashed into a guardrail. My head hit the window and was knocked out. My legal team at Jacoby & Meyers jumped on everything right away. They started the lawsuit fast and were able to settle my case just a little over a year after the crash for all the available insurance. I think they did a great job.

-Randy J., February 2016

I came to Jacoby and Meyers after being struck down by a vehicle. I found them to be honest, competent and a very good
choice for such an experience. They went as far as they could to recover damages. Raye Futerfas and his assistant Ana Da Silva were both accessible and very easygoing to go thru this situation with. Their overall guidance enabled me to allow for as much of a comforting recovery, as could be expected, in such a case. I found them professional, considerate and diligent. They come highly recommended by me. Their care and concern has allowed for propelling some of my dearest dreams. I wish the best for all of their firm.

-Paula C., January 2016

I received contact from my case manager as well as my attorney on a regular basis. I was impressed by attorney Sharon Scanlon’s professionalism as she diligently and effectively worked my case.

- Dec, 2014

Sharon Scanlan has shown a great deal of sympathy and compassion towards my family during this extremely emotional ordeal. She made it easy to talk to her not only about the status of my lawsuit, but also about the death of my father. Sharon not only attended my fathers funeral, but she also herself available to listen and encourage me to be patient and strong. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case and the fantastic job your law firm has done.

- Camille S., June, 2014

The Cyberfile was very useful in keeping me up to date and avoiding bothering Michelle or Ken; informative and could monitor the sequences. I was very satisfied with the communication I received from the firm! Give Michelle a RAISE and a hug! Ken Fromson was very professional and easy to speak with.

- Edward T. W., June, 2014

I was very satisfied. I was kept informed of status at regular intervals and settled in a timely manner.

- Marie S., May, 2014

To Attorney Frank Massaro, It was a great help from you giving us a very professional and good legal service. It was on time, on proper legal procedure and very well organized. I would like to thank you and the Jacoby & Meyers team. There are a lot of people here in New Jersey who have the same problem as I had before your legal help. Maybe they too need your legal advice. I honestly believe you can help them in one way or another. May God Bless You and give you a longer life so that you can continue with your humble mission: to help the many good, hardworking and honest undocumented illegal immigrants.

- Elmer H., Sept, 2013

Both Cynthia Maurer, ESQ & Greta Leary are excellent at what they do and how they respond and interact with the clients, as well as being very knowledgeable. Cynthia is a lovely person!

- Lisa G., March, 2012

Just continue the good job that you all are doing. P.S. I love what all of you have done for me.

- Nurgehaan H., May, 2012 

I would like to thank everyone who was involved with my case from the beginning to the end. I was extremely satisfied with the results.

- Lucy R., May, 2012 

Thank you very much for your help. I couldn’t have done it without you. You made a very sensitive matter easier.

- Golie H., June 2012

I would recommend Cynthia Maurer to anyone as a highly qualified and skilled lawyer. She is a caring person and I felt at ease and very comfortable with her.

- Regina F., July, 2012